Interior Projects Execution

Exclusive Fit-Out


We are Maison R&F

MaisonR&F executes high-end interior projects for private clients, boutiques, luxury hotels and unique restaurants. 

The key words of our company are the passion, the sense of beauty and the search for excellence.

  • Passion for materials, exceptional products and their use in prestigious settings.
  • Sense of beauty through the harmony we bring to our finishes or products achieved on our projects.
  • Search for excellence on all our sites, in our relationship with the client and the quality of the products produced.


Thanks to our extensive experience and our French know-how, we develop a special and unique relationship with our clients, based on listening, trust, rigor and quality of work.

By being established in the Middle-East, we provide you with flexibility, reactivity and a strong support all over the region.


Maison R&F is dedicated to the execution of high-end interior’s project and is proposing tailor-made expertise to match with the needs of our clients.

Fit-out work

Customized furniture

Curtaining & upholstery

Complex joinery

Special finishes

Straw marquetry


Curated Furniture Collections and Art



Maison R&F

We have developed “Gallery by MaisonR&F” to offer unique, complementary and haute-couture objects to our clients, to enhance their interior projects. 

We have therefore established partnerships with French craftsmen with exceptional know-how.


Multi-Material Creative Solutions

BdM Ateliers


La Manufacture des tapis de Bourgogne

Hand-tufted and hand-woven custom rugs, carpets and tapestries

Maison Thevenon

Exclusive furnishing fabrics

Tisserant Art & Style

Bronze Haute couture

Projects & Creations

Each project is a new and exciting adventure, as each project is unique in its location, nature and context. This uniqueness motivates us and we commit ourselves to our clients and partners with the same enthusiasm each time.

Najd Artwork

refurbishment,wall paper,manufacturing,furniture,equipment

Hotel restaurant refurbishment

Private Palace

Hotel lounge refurbishment

AOK Restaurant


Hotel lobby refurbishment

Cartier Boutique

Private Villa

Private Appartment

Il Baretto Restaurant


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Executive Team

Passionate about the possibilities offered by interior design, in terms of creativity, unique skills and combination of materials, but also passionate about the Middle East and its dynamism, Richard and François naturally decided to join their experiences to create Maison R&F in this region with the main objective to offer clients with new possibilities and services.




For more information about our services, please contact us for full details.

Building 2925
Abdulmalik Bin Marwan
8741 Olaya Dist
126111 Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia